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The Master Dream Builder

In politics, in business, in sports, and in ministry, the heroes of the great success stories meet and overcome obstacles on the way to their victory. Such is the case in the story of Dexter Yager, who has become a hero to many.

"There are lessons behind all of life's obstacles and mistakes," he says, "After I quit my job, Birdie and I got comfortable with our success. Our progress slowed, and then it stopped."

Dexter changed the input he was receiving when he started reading books on positive thinking, and both the problem and the solution became clear to him. "These books put my mind into motion," he remembers. "When it settled, I had answers. I saw dreams as catalysts in our lives, guiding us to appropriate actions. I clearly saw the need for new dreams for Birdie and I." To this day, the Yagers begin chasing a new dream even before an old one is achieved.
Dexter has become known to many as "The Master Dream Builder." With the mastery of an artist, Dexter helps others paint their dreams in broad strokes, and encourages them to take action towards those dreams. "I help people concentrate on their own individual dreams," he says. "If it's a new car, I drive them by a car lot. If it's a new home, I take them to a new housing development. It's not enough to think about it-you have to touch it, smell it, feel it, and experience it." He emphasizes the necessity of a dream with a popular phrase that has become a personal motto: "Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream."

"Many people wander through life with vague emotional goals, not specific logical ones," Dexter elaborates. "The key is to help someone set goals they can claim as their own. I teach people to work towards their goals as if it's impossible not to achieve them!"

"As for my dreams," Dexter testifies, "I am truly blessed to have married my dream wife. She and I are two sides of the same coin."

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