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A Fulfilled Life

Dex and Birdie believe the secret of living is giving. As a speaker in high demand, Dexter addresses business audiences, political groups, youth conferences, and colleges. Both Dexter and Birdie are authors, whose books have helped countless others to think positively, dream big dreams, and accomplish feats many would have thought impossible. Equally important, the Yagers share a commitment to Christian values and devote time and money to Christian activities and organizations.

Dexter is the first to admit that all of his and Birdie's accomplishments-business, charity, personal, and family-are the result of hard work. "Nothing much happens without working to make it happen," he says. "If you can accomplish a goal without working, chances are the goal has little value. I want to help people understand that a dream unrealized is a dream imprisoned by your greatest enemy: fear of failure!" Dexter finishes this thought with perhaps his best-known advice, heard by countless thousands of people the world over:

"Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream!"

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