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Freedom Crusaders

Everyone who meets Dexter and Birdie Yager reports feeling a unique sense of inspiration. Indeed, the effect is not accidental. As Dexter and Birdie will gladly tell you, they are on a crusade to help others earn their freedom. Along the way, the Yagers have personally encouraged thousands, and they've reached many more through their speaking engagements, books, and audio and video recordings.

As 55 FAA Point Founders Crown Ambassadors, the Yagers enjoy a position of extreme prestige as being the highest achievers in the North American business region. Both Dexter and Birdie believe firmly that their position carries with it tremendous responsibility. "Our responsibility is to share the dream with others," Dexter says, "and that's a responsibility we take very seriously."

To measure their blessings, Dexter and Birdie compare what they have now to what they had before they began building their business. Their unprecedented achievements stem from humble beginnings: Dexter was earning $95 a week before taxes as a car salesman and a brewery representative, while Birdie worked as a key-punch operator at a local Air Force base. They became Silver Producers sooner than anticipated, and Dexter achieved his first goal: he was able to leave his job.

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