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Family Fun, Family Freedom

Dexter and Birdie's wisdom and positive influence spans the generations of the Yager family. With seven children and twenty-three grandchildren, Dexter and Birdie are role models who've had an invaluable impact in all of their lives. Their sons Doyle, Jeff, and Steve are actively involved in the business, serving primarily in business development, management, and support to their global enterprise.

Freeing up time to spend with the family was a prime motivator in Dexter and Birdie's success. Birdie loves the mountains, especially when she goes with family members for skiing getaways, while Dexter enjoys staying home, taking shorter trips in his car, motorcycle and his other favorite modes of transportation. Dexter says, "I moved out of the cold for a reason!" As a result of their hard work, the Yager's now enjoy a lavish lifestyle that can only be described as truely "worker's compensation!"

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