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Dexter's Dream Partner

"Dexter and I have learned to support each other, and to use every experience-the good and the not so good-to our shared advantage," says Birdie, who stays active in the business and contributes in an executive role while supporting the family in roles as a mother and a wife.

"I wish I could share with all women the deep fulfillment I derive from helping my husband achieve our goals and dreams," Birdie continues. "I look for practical ways to assist Dexter as he works to fulfill our dreams. After all, they're our goals! If you're married to a winner and want that partnership to last, you have three choices: Hold his hand and walk with him, watch him walk away, or hold him back and live together in mediocrity. I prefer the first!"

"As long as I've known him," Birdie reflects, "Dexter has made me stretch. What a growing experience to keep pace with him!"

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