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Dex and Birdie achieve 55 FAA points
Dex and Birdie received a $2.5 million dollar bonus check for achieving 55 FAA points. ==>GO

Dex and Birdie achieve 40 FAA points
Dex and Birdie are celebrated for being the first to Achieve 40 FAA points. ==>GO

D&B $1,500,000
Doug DeVos presents Dexter with a $1,000,000 bonus check for developing 40 FAA points. ==>GO

Evening With Dex
After an exclusive speaking engagement, Dexter lands the cover story in Soho Business, a popular Korean business magazine. ==>GO

Giving It All They’ve Got
Dex and Birdie are frequently featured in Achieve magazine. ==>GO

Network Marketing Cover
Dexter received a spectacular 12-page feature in Network Marketing Lifestyle magazine. ==>GO

Prosumer Mag
Dex and Birdie received nine pages of coverage in Korea ’s Prosumer magazine. ==>GO

The Business Owner Nov-Dec 2002
Whenever a Business Owner achieves a level above Diamond, they earn a cover story in The Business Owner magazine. Dex and Birdie have appeared on more covers than anyone else. ==>GO

The King
Network Marketing Lifestyle magazine appropriately calls Dexter “The King of Network Marketing.” ==>GO

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